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Lynn Bourgon

I have used Dan for 4 mortgage renewals, and have always found him to very helpful and knowledgeable. The first time I used his services I did so because I was new to the mortgage process and wanted someone to help guide me through the process. Now after several renewals,I still use Dan because I know that I will get expert, up to date advice, and gain peace of mind.

He is an excellent communicator, always ready to answer all my questions and help ease any of my concerns. He gets me the best prepayment options and interest rate available, without me having to ‘negotiate’ with a lender.

For this past renewal, all contact was via phone or email, which I found to be very convenient. The only in-person meeting was with the lender when we went in to sign the paperwork. And, when we arrived, because Dan had already set everything up, the meeting only took 15 minutes.

I would recommend Dan to anyone needing a mortgage. You will definitely save both time and money, and know that you’ve gotten a mortgage that best meets your personal needs.

Lynn BourgonLynn Bourgon