I just read an interesting article that I don’t necessarily agree with, but may be true for some. The article is on “serial movers” of which some who know me, may say I am. I likely have not owned a home for more than 5 years(and I have owned a few), and though I understand the costs involved in buying and selling, look at my residence as my nest egg. Yes I always love where I live, that is why I buy the house in the first place, but to me, I always look at it as an investment. If I don’t think it has the attributes to appreciate over time, I wouldn’t buy it, regardless if I love the house or not. Many people buy with emotion, not that there is anything wrong with that, but to me it has to first and foremost have the potential to make money. Anyhow, the article is worth the read. See here,

The article has its merits, and I don’t think anyone should consider buying or selling a home without careful thought. It is and likely always will be our biggest purchase.