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Important note about calculators:

These calculators are for your convenience and are meant for information purposes only. They are not warranted to be accurate. Please contact Dan to find out how you can benefit even more with the best possible mortgage rates.

Note that if you decide to apply now, all information is confidential and is sent directly to me via a secure site. Since each person’s situation is different, and for personal security reasons, you may not want to complete an online form. If so, feel free to come in for an informal meeting to discuss your requirements at your convenience. call Dan today for a free appointment?

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It’s your mortgage, likely the largest debt you will have in your lifetime. Make sure you are getting good pre-payment privileges, and that the mortgage is portable and increasable. Does the lender have bridge financing available? It should. Always ask, is this mortgage a collateral mortgage? You may not want it if it is!

Let me show you how to get the mortgage that’s right for you! Don’t just accept what you’re given.

I believe the more you know and understand about mortgages, the less worry you will have.

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